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A Non-Profit Youth Organization in North End Halifax


       About us

Saint George’s YouthNet provides free programs to children and youth living in or near Uniacke Square, a public housing neighbourhood in the North End of Halifax. YouthNet has offered friendship and support to the community since it was founded in 1998. Our story is tied to the long legacy of Saint George’s Round Church.

Our programs, for local youth aged 7-17, strive to encourage participants to discover their talents, gain self-confidence, and dream of bright futures. We fulfill this goal through our wide range of programs including after-school, lunch, and teen programs throughout the school year and our wilderness camping trips and day camps during the summer.


Our Programs       

Summer Camps:
Day Camps
Wilderness Camping Trips

School Year Programs:
Lunch Program at Joseph Howe Elementary
After School Program  (Weekdays, 3-5)
Teen Program  (Tues., Thurs., 4-6:30)

YouthNet offers these school year and summer camp programs for youth ages 7 to 17, all free of charge. Our programs are intended to provide a safe and supportive environment and to build friendships among YouthNet’s staff, volunteers and youth.

If you have any questions about our programs or organization, call 902-422-4614, or
e-mail director@stgeorgesyouthnet.ca


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