They Look At Me

They look at me
As I get judged, as they discover who I really was
The pain
The faith
It’s hurt a little, but I can still maintain
Going home or to school, being taught as I walk

Square Town, by Folayemi

Square town is where I live, people come and try to give
We really don’t need no help from you,
We can do it on our own
We are known that flown
It’s so easy to fly, but some people around here don’t ever try
I wish we could be successful,
Graduate, get a job and be happy
But not everything works out so perfectly
But I believe that people are capable from Square Town
We are all made of gold!

Aicha, by Kendra

Aicha chews so loud
She’s black and proud
Does good in school
She ain’t no fool

She’s always late
Got nothin’ on her plate
She got short braids
It takes too many days
So here’s my ending paragraph
She got a nike hat
Best friends since grade school
Don’t talk much, but we cool

Children, by Topsy

We children are nice, we children are sweet
We children say please maybe once or twice
We children sing songs nice and strong
If you think this is untrue you are totally wrong
It’s amazing, great, good


Square Town

Square town, walking around
While people only look at the colour of my skin

Square town
Being Judged, being pushed
To be my very best, just to prove,
That I am worthy too

Square Town
They see my face, they see my place
Think I have no responsibility,
But they don’t like my personality

Square Town

Be Kind Kids, by Divine

Be kind kids cause you're strong
Be kind kids cause you know all your blessings,
and you don't need to be stressing
You kids are great and you don't need to be ashamed

To Always Love People, by Keanna

Violets are blue, roses are red
You are beautiful just the way you are
Who cares what you look like, I think you're just right
I really don't care what other people say about you

Always help people, who cares if they are different
You should always help people and be friends
If they are mean, you still help them even if they are in trouble

Untitled, by Nomaan

Violets are blue, roses are red
We should help our community or it will turn out bad
Kids can look however they want,
It doesn't matter what they look like even in 10000 years
Don't stereotype because it is mean, you shouldn't be mean
Being mean could be a problem in your life
Now change it around by reading this poem